Goldorak : la légende d'Actarus Guitar Tribute by FredA

*Everything you find on this profile is either a jam or a work-in-progress : no songs to go on CD, no finished projects, only sketches and ideas, or surprise jams*
A cover (more a tribute than a cover) of the opening theme from a Japanes animated show called Goldorak or Grendizer, arranged here with 8 guitar tracks, all in harmony I hope! It brings back childhood memories! Originally recorded with Phil F, there was 2 voice tracks on the original mix, but the guitar just mute them. Phil F did the recording and the beat programming in 2004, while I played classical guitar on heavy distortion. I added the lead guitars in December 2007, with my Alembic Skylark.
Video taken from "la légende d'Actarus" aranged by DsP. I just removed the soundtrack, mixed my version of the song, and edit the video a little.

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solo video guitar actarus grendizer goldorak animé Nice real good FredA Jam

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